Learn how to select an employment agency or executive recruiter

Employment Agency?

In your job search, should you use an employment agency or executive recruiter?

The answer is..."maybe".  Agencies and recruiters will work well for you when you have a good deal of experience in a highly specialized occupation. Most of the time, you will pay nothing for this representation (except for people in basic, low-level assignments). Mostly, employers pay recruiters and employment agencies. So, be sure to find out who is going to pay for this representation.

Importantly, your recruiter need not be in your geographic location. In today's job search world, your recruiter or agency can be anywhere in the country, or the world.

If you’re an experienced professional in virtually any occupation, it is to your advantage to use executive recruiters as a part of your overall job search.  Depending upon your occupation, there are specialty executive recruiters who only deal with a narrow occupational segment of the job seeker population, and that’s a good thing.  Robert Half International is one good example, primarily dealing with the accounting and finance industries.

Should I work with Multiple Recruiters?

Is it okay to use multiple recruiters?  If you ask the recruiters, the answer is a definite “no!”  They need to know they have an exclusive with you, and that is perfectly understandable.  At the same time, the future of your income possibilities and occupational ranking makes it desirable to consider utilizing more than one executive recruiter, while laying low with respect to communicating that information to any of the recruiters you are working with.  The reason is simple: As with any other job search system, the more irons you have in the fire…the greater the opportunity for success.

Beginner? If you're a rookie, you're probably wasting your time trying to connect with a recruiter or agency. Rightfully, they want the easy placement, allowing them to be paid faster...at a higher rate. Likewise, if you're changing occupations...don't bother contacting agencies and recruiters...they will refuse, for the obvious reason, to represent you.

Temporary employment agencies:  Depending upon your occupation, we rather like this suggested system.  For some people, it may be wise to get in the door as a temporary worker...prove your value from the inside, and hope to be offered a full-time job later on.

As you're undoubtedly aware, a successful job search involves the use of multiple job search systems so, if you are going to connect with a recruiter or employment agency, good!  However, be sure to use all the other job search methods that are out there as well.  For more information or to request an exploratory consultation: info@jobs1111.com or cms-careers.com or 716-649-6000.