Find help for resume writing service


"Yes, I do need help with my resume. It's my only chance at the perfect first impression!"

So, how on earth do you find an experienced and well-qualified resume writing service?

I guess anybody can sit down at their computer and start keyboarding words. But you need a service that will carefully interview you, ask important questions, discuss various writing strategies, develop messaging and craft a document that will open doors for you. In order to do this correctly, you need an experienced specialist who will take the time to evaluate your old resume for strengths and weaknesses...without charging you for that initial evaluation.

With a reputable service, they will be very honest with respect to their evaluation. If your resume is essentially sound, they will tell you. At the same time, if it really stinks, they will be just as honest with you.


  • ONE: Ask the service how long they've been in business. Very important. There are hundreds of services available to you. However, just as many are new at this business, without a track record and, even though they have wonderful intentions, they just don’t have the professional “street smarts” the best resume writers offer.
  • TWO: Ask them if they will give you a written guarantee regarding interview generation. No matter who writes your resume, if you don’t get a telephone call offering an interview, the resume is useless. Just because a resume looks like a resume, there is no guarantee this resume is compelling enough to generate an interview.
  • THREE: Ask this service how many resumes they have previously written for your specialty. Will the writer be able to understand your special language? This is critical. The writer you’re considering might be a wizard at the English language, but if they don’t understand your technical jargon or understand specifics of the tools and procedures you implement, your resume will never be effective.
  • FOUR: Ask about the background of the writer who will be assigned to you. You don’t want an English teacher who is interested in making a few dollars on the side. You need a writer who is knee-deep in HR, recruiting, hiring…and writing.

REVIEWS: Five star reviews mean everything! Always check out the services’ reviews and BBB rankings before making any decision.

Asking those questions and doing that homework will help you find the perfect resume writing service. Finally, don't make any decision based on cost alone. Good luck! For more information or to request an exploratory consultation: or or 716-649-6000.