How to stand out in your Job Search

Job Search: How to Stand Out!

Let's say you're a senior level marketing management professional. Through a corporation's website, you have discovered your "dream job" mirroring the entire width and breadth of your career...the perfect puzzle-part match. The money, the benefits and the other rewards are truly superior. Every part of your background matches up with their requirements. If only you can convince the decision-makers at this corporation you are the perfect individual for their needs, life will remain beautiful and extra-lush.

You have put a good deal of work into the creation of your resume.

You have the perfect first impression. Your resume is exceptionally powerful and complete...ready to go. Upon reading submission rules, you apply for this position on-line, as instructed. As you are well aware, most submissions today are on-line or through email contacts. Even though you will be using other job search systems, you have this truly great opportunity to land this high level assignment.

The next step: Wait and see, right? Wrong.

The next step is to research the organization to find out who the decision-maker is. You should research the company’s website to see if you can locate email addresses for senior officials, or you may have to actually telephone the company (what a concept). If you cannot easily identify that person (because you are looking for that top rated executive assignment), you should target the president of the company.

Then, in hard copy, you will send a copy of your persuasive resume (with a very strong and convincing cover letter) to the targeted individual...over-nighted via US Postal Service, requesting a signature upon arrival.

Build a perfect professional image

Each page of this presentation should have clear plastic sheet protectors and should be enclosed in a high quality report folder or narrow-spine 3-ring binder to give it the perfect professional image. Why? You have just doubled your chances of having a real, live person look at your credentials, reviewing your successes and contacting you for an interview.

Wait a minute!  Isn’t this overkill?

This takes a lot of extra time and effort. It's not worth it! Well...that's up to you. Clients of ours who have used this strategy have reported exceptionally positive results.  This works!  For that super-special job, do whatever it takes to show them, based upon this doubling of initial contact, you are the only viable and proven candidate for this senior level assignment. For more information or to request an exploratory consultation: or or 716-649-6000.