Our Fees


Choosing Resume Writing Services:

Choosing a Counseling Service:

In selecting a service to guide you, you should carefully research...and ask the following four questions:


  •   How long has your company been in business? 
  •   Does your resume writing service give me a written performance guarantee? 
  •   How many resumes has your company written for my occupation? 
  •   What is the background of the counselor or writer who would work with me?


What Do Resumes Cost?


Our fees are compatible with other resume services offering the most experience and the very highest quality of content.  Our firm doesn't just market resumes and cover letters...we make absolutely sure interviews happen.  You can always seek out a lower-cost service...or you can go with the best.


Fees for Resume and CV Writing:


            You will never get a second chance at a first impression.  

            Ask for a copy of our exclusive and highly valuable Performance Guarantee.


Resume Evaluation No Fee - A Free Service 
Basic Resume Updates $45 to $170
Resume Upgrade and Strengthening $220 to $590
All-New Professional Resume $340 to $750

       (Note:  Higher fees for C-Level Executives, some federal government resumes and certain other professions)
Our resume writing fees vary all over the place, depending upon the simplicity or the complexity of a person's background.  

What's your next step?  You can email us or contact our toll-free number (866-484-3243, resumes@jobs1111.com) and your writer-counselor will be able to pin-point the exact fee for you...before you decide to accept our services.  We accept all major credit cards.


Fees for Career Counseling and Other Services:


            Fees are individualized, depending upon the services selected.  

            Your counselor will be able to give fees for services in advance.

            Please email us or call us now to speak directly with a writer one-on-one.


With our broad scope and spotless reputation for 44 years, we are able to provide a laser focus on the individual needs of our client base...one-on-one guidance within your own community.


          We want to serve you. 

            Please email or call us today: 

            Email:  resumes@jobs1111.com  (or)  call 866-484-3243. 

            We promise to guide you toward success...